The life of a Real Estate Agent

What it takes

Spending numerous hours at the office working on extensive paperwork, meeting clients, showing and staging homes as well as travelling is all part and parcel of the responsibilities of a Real Estate Agent. Many Real Estate Agents work beyond the standard 40 hours per week knowing that there are some clients that are only able to meet with them after hours or on weekends.  Ultimately this means that in some cases a Real Estate Agent can work up to 7 days a week. A Real Estate agent’s job is that of an analyst, consultant, negotiator and marketer all rolled into one.

Although the job can be very stressful this does not stop them from being able to passionately manage and co-ordinate hundreds of transactions which add to the successful buying and selling of houses.  Learning to deal with stress as well as enjoying all aspects of the job are traits that come naturally to a Real Estate Agent who always aims to make sure that their clients are satisfied by making their dreams become a reality.

Physically demanding

Real Estate Agents have to be able to stand for long periods of time without getting tired, especially on show days and also have to withstand travelling from place to place appraising properties as well as finding and sourcing properties that home buyers would be interested in. A lot of work is put in after hours and the average Real Estate Agent is on call most evenings and weekends in order to suit their client’s needs.  They are known as the middleman and strive to make both buyers and sellers experiences go as smoothly as possible.

The mindset of a good Real Estate Agent

A professional Real Estate Agent is full of tenacity which enables them to chase leads and aggressively market their client’s properties to achieve the ultimate success of buying and selling a home.  They know how to work diligently and smartly and are always willing to put in the extra time needed to close the deal while at the same time demonstrating a great work ethic. Most Real Estate Agents have a general love for houses and architecture and make it their job to share this knowledge with their clients while at the same time showing off their engaging personality and friendly attitude. It is always a relief for a client to know that they are dealing with a person who has a deep understanding of the housing market and will pay attention to their specific needs. Confidence, self-motivation and an honest willingness to want to help their client is what puts them at the top of their game. Decisive decision making as well as attention to detail are genuine traits of the successful Real Estate Agent enabling them to identify and develop a wide knowledge of the property market and handle their jobs with ease.  Being a good problem solver is a must in the Real Estate market and needs to be adapted in order to properly showcase and stage houses that are on show whilst at the same time creating the right listings in order to attract specific buyers. The art of establishing great connections with sellers, buyers, home inspectors and loan officers is just one way for a Real Estate Agent to get ahead.

Emotional intelligence

Real Estate Agents are able to develop a deep sense of emotional maturity that enable them to empathize with their clients and anticipate that sometimes a client may be filled with anxiety and fear at the prospect of buying or selling a home.  Helping a client to remain calm and stay focused during transactions is imperative to the job and at the same time shows the client that their Real Estate Agent knows what they are doing. This gives the client the feeling that after all is said and done everything is going to work out in their best interests.  Many transactions when buying and selling a home come with a few speed wobbles and it is a Real Estate Agents committed and hard-working qualities that can overcome even the greatest of obstacles.

A well-groomed Real Estate Agent

Good grooming, although only aesthetic, is a very important factor when holding the title of being a successful Real Estate Agent.  Most clients feel more comfortable when their Real Estate Agent is neatly dressed and looks professional.  Keeping their dress code simple but at the same time professional makes their clients feel that they are dealing with a person who is not only knowledgeable but has a good self-awareness and oozes self-confidence.

A Sense of Achievement

One of the greatest achievements for a Real Estate Agent is knowing that they have been an essential part in helping their client to find and purchase the home of their dreams.  Buying or selling a home can be one of the biggest stresses an average person may ever have to endure in their lives. Real Estate Agents take pride in knowing that they have helped to create a positive and memorable experience for their clients.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Maya Angelou.

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